Once complete the Ishikawa Diagram, it is necessary to perform the brainstorming where to list some of the systems that are suitable and useful to help the business operation of Hermes Courier. Below are some of the systems generated in brainstorming session such as:
• Electronic Commerce (EC)
• Global Positioning System (GPS)
• Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) System
• Custom Designed Integrated System
• Intranet System
• Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System
• Smart Card System – (For staff attendance and security purposes)
• Mobile emulator system

After reviewing the result of brainstorming session, the EC, RFID system and intranet system will be the most valuable and helpful systems to help the business operation of Hermes Courier. Hermes Courier can set up an Electronic Commerce (EC) website as their new business model. In addition, EC also can help Hermes Courier to expand their business to other regions or global market.

Hermes Courier also required a RFID system to helping them effectively to tracking the customer’s parcels or packages. Having the RFID system, Hermes Courier can save more time and reduce frequency of mistake to tracking the parcels or packages.

Furthermore, they also need an intranet system where to allow the employees to organize, communicate and share information with other employees. For example, manager can access the intranet system to view the customer profile, generate sales report and etc.

Moreover, Hermes can have the mobile emulator system for the delivery person, so he can update the delivery states and view delivery report by accessing to the system through mobile. this will improve the company on its business process.