Ishikawa Diagram


A good business comprises of integrated elements that includes state-of-the-art technology, ethical procedures, dedicated employees and the foremost, a stable investment. However, in reality having a stable investment is only a theory for Hermes due to a rather haphazard business fashion. Financial problem in an institute can lead to a disaster to have a stable investment. This may caused by poor planning of the business operations. In addition, due to the condition that Hermes is having, regarding its investment plan, may suggest that its management is afraid of taking risk to invest on any other bigger part that might consume a bigger portion of its financial status.

Information system
Most of the systems at Hermes Courier are obsolete. For example, Glasgow has a well custom designed integrated system but it not supports the GUI and user often complain about the poor usability.

For other regions, they don’t have any well integrated information system to support their business operation. For example, the accounting system doesn’t work together with the finance system. In short, each system is run independently and also lack of other necessary core functions.

On the other hands, Birmingham having a GIS system where designed to help vehicle to routing for deliveries. This system is very modern and has good user interface but drivers doesn’t trust the system and fully utilize the GIS system.